Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fail a drug screening using these products?

Legally, we cannot make any recommendation or give any advice on whether you can take these products and not fail a drug test. ALL PRODUCTS ARE TAKEN AT THE RISK OR DISCRETION OF THE PURCHASER. Full-Spectrum products will MOST LIKELY cause you to fail a drug test due to the trace amounts of THC (≤ 0.3%) present in the products.

If you are subject to a drug test, an isolate based or broad-spectrum product may find a better suit for you as these products do not contain THC. 

How often should I take CBD?

The entire CBD experience is a personal journey. There is no recommended frequency of consuming CBD, being that CBD products are not regulated by the FDA. For beginning CBD users, one serving per day is usually sufficient. If no relief or difference is gained after one serving, it is completely acceptable to take another serving. How often you should take CBD depends completely on your individual body.


How long are the benefits supposed to last when I take it?

Being that CBD is a personal experience, everyone will have different results and effects. There is no universal standard for how long the benefits of CBD are supposed to last.

*It all depends on how YOUR BODY interacts with CBD.

However, a great number of our customers have reported back to us that they have felt the CBD interactions to last for 4 – 6 hours regularly.

Will I have to increase my dosage over time?

No, you should not have to increase your dosage over time as our bodies are not known to develop a physiological tolerance to CBD. In fact, CBD is known to have a reverse tolerance in the body. This means that as our Endocannabinoid System comes closer to achieving more of a homeostatic environment in our body due to consistent CBD consumption, the amount of CBD needed per serving to achieve the same sought-after benefits could decrease.

We like to compare this to the consumption of Vitamin-C to boost the effects of the immune system. When you are ill you may elect to consume a larger amount of Vitamin-C to boost your immune system to get it back to normal, but do you continuously consume that same amount of Vitamin-C? Chances are you do not and maybe just incorporate a cup of OJ per day into your diet. This is like consuming CBD.

Is it possible that a larger dosage of CBD in your first few servings, followed by lower but consistent dosages the best choice to get your Endocannabinoid System into balance? Possibly so! Remember, it is YOUR cannabis journey. Personalize it how you see fit.

How long will this product last me?

The duration of CBD products depends solely on how often the product is being used. The tinctures that we carry are intended to consist of 30 servings when taken once a day. Generally, the capsules have a 30- or 60-day serving structure as well.

Are your products tested?

YES. All our products are third-party lab tested prior to being brought on to our inventory.